herrmann - your specialist for rectifiers

As an supplier for semi-conductor products we offer a specific know-how in the field of rectifier technology and an extensive range of products.

Our list of products ranges from standard diodes with wires to silicon rectifier stacks and selenium rectifier stacks, which can also be manufactured in smaller quanitities and in accordance to your instructions.

Our products are designed for all voltages and currents, in individual cases they can be optimized for the respective application purpose

Emergency service

In the case of a standstill or production losses we deliver replacement instruments as quickly as possible or manufacture types from samples.

Our advantages

  • Delivery within 24 hours in case of replacement demand
  • Customer-specific execution
  • Small quantities
  • Delivery times as early as two days after receipt of the order
  • Special designs according to your instructions for almost all brands and executions
  • Technical checks of sent in rectifiers

We offer the delivery and the production of the following types

  • Small silicon rectifiers and silicon compact rectifiers
  • Silicon diodes and thyristores
  • Silicon rectifier stacks and silicon back-off-diodes
  • Power regulator stacks with disc-seal diodes and thyristores
  • Selenium rectifiers stacks and selenium surge suppressor