Power regulator stacks with disc-seal diodes and disc-type thyristors

  • VRMS of 125-500 V
  • IDAVM of 65-3000 A
  • Plate formats: 120 x 185 mm and 200 x 200 mm

The power regulator stacks are available in all commonly used circuits, voltage ranges and current ranges.

The power regulator stacks are available equipped with:

  • overcurrent protection and/or voltage surge protection
  • thermostatic switches
  • water flow rate measurement

The protections elements are delivered mounted or unmounted, depending on the customer's specification.


  • all standard circuits are available uncontrolled, half-controlled and fully controlled
  • depending on the current loads, intended for natural cooling, forced-air cooling and oil cooling
  • for TSE-wiring we recommend our approved protective cirucuit boards
  • temperature monitoring through bimetal switch

Our advantages

  • Customer-specific execution
  • Small quantities
  • delivery times as early as two days after receipt of the order