Selenium rectifiers

  • VRMS of 25-400 V
  • IDAVM of 0,3-1050 A
  • Higher current loads on request
  • all standard circuits E, M, B, DB, DS, DSS
  • short delivery times for customer-specific executions

Our advantages

  • Customer-specific execution
  • Small quantities
  • delivery times as early as two days after receipt of the order

Data sheets

The following data sheets are available for .pdf download

Circuits Selenium rectifier stacks and assemblies with natural cooling Dimensions (natural cooling) Selenium rectifier stacks and assemblies with forced cooling Dimensions (forced cooling) Characteristics Ordering code

Acrobat Reader

To view the data sheets, Acrobat Reader is required. If you haven’t installed Acrobat Reader yet, you can download it for free here.